Explode or Impolode

25 May

I wind my self up for things. I was laying in bed taking one of my rum induced naps And woke up. It was stifling because I’d set the electric blanket to H. Which is about the same temperature you would roast a chop at. I was paralyzed with one of my anxiety attacks that springs up for no reason. The thing is I just could not decide what would be less painless, turning the blanket to low or opening a window. the Window is on one side the blanket clicker on the other.

WHAT TO DO?? If I go one way maybe I will roll over on my glasses and break them! I can’t afford to replace that shit! or put my foot down on something sharp! God, Weathington if you only cleaned your room things like this wouldn’t happen. You always fuck these things up, christ the 11th grade career councilor was right about you…

It would have to be the opening the window. That looked like the safest bet.

I cautiously unrolled from my ball of terror and stepped out of bed reaching gingerly for the blind cord…

…and somehow got tangled up in the sheets and fell forward, yanking the blinds up which made a sound like the rending of flesh and smashing my forehead into the windowpane. Somehow in the daze I got tangled up in the cord and nearly hung myself like a 4 week old kitten.

My anxiety is perfectly justified. I never want to be told differently.


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