Double Dutch

13 Jul

It’s been a long few weeks. I’ve started a big girl job clerking at a downtown hotel and it’s thus far, while enjoyable and lucrative, been wiping the floor with my face. The adjustment to full-time employment has left me baffled as to when I can fit my high falutin’ creative pursuits into my schedule. Granted I’ve wanted to write about the new job but my lack of anonymity and desire to remain employed there have held me back.

Not like I have anything bad to say about the job. I actually really like it. The People I work with are super great and I get those tasty Health benefits after 90 days.

But as worn out as I’ve been from six-day work weeks, More when I work my second job and more when I make my flailing attempts to finish a graphic novel, I can bring you a brief update on Sybil.

I’m happy to report that she is still as crazy as a shit house rat.

I left my apartment a few moments ago to make a supermarket run. On leaving my apartment I saw Sybil dragging what I thought was extension cords out of her door and into the hall way. I smile politely and then ran down the stairs like my ass was on fire. Or like I had an unsound neighbor behind me with strangulation apparatus and no bearing on her current mental state. One of the two.

A few minutes later I exited the elevator with a bag of frozen beans and a PBR tallboy to find Sybil still in the hall way clutching a length of rope.

“Oh. Oh. Hi.”  She said, feeding the rope through her fingers.

Hiiiiii…” I whined as my asshole clenched in fear and morbid excitement.

“Is it…Do you think it’s ok if I do my jump rope in the hallway?” She spread the rope out to its full length and did a few experimental reps. “I mean, I tried in my apartment and it’s carpeted so it should be ok.”

“Yeah, I don’t see why not. No one should hear it.” I said holding my key between my punching fingers on the off-chance she should let out a gutteral howl and lunge toward me with her stranglin’ rope.

“Oh. Oh, well then, ok.”

I gave her another frozen, placating smile and lunged into the safety of my apartment.

Yet I wonder if she had been jump roping for the fifteen minutes I’d been gone just waiting for me to come back. Waiting to see if maybe I wanted to be her special jump rope buddy for ever and ever and ever….


One Response to “Double Dutch”

  1. Wood August 20, 2010 at 9:20 am #

    Hey, isn’t today your birthday ? I’m terrible at remembering those things…

    Happy birthday if it is, Happy normalday if it isn’t !


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