Late nights at Das Hotelenstien

20 Oct

It’s just me and Mel at the desk tonight for the PM shift. The Giants won and everyone is in high spirits. I never quite understood the appeal of basketball so I can’t get in on fun with as much aplomb.

Things like concerts or sporting events always bring out the irascible jerk-off in people. Like the two dudes that rolled in at about 9 O’clock…

It had been slow so I sat at the desk opposite of  Mel to read when they came to check in. My head was tilted down over my kindle. Mel was the lucky winner on this one and when she went to fetch their paperwork

“Hey, now little girl! don’t look so miserable!” He crowed.

I looked up at a man who was in middle age but had retained a certain amount of good looks, enough that he thought he could just say any kind of shit to women he didn’t know and get away with it. His friend was younger and taller with an early David Beckham hairstyle.

“Me?” I said gesturing at my self cuz I know a motherfucker did not just call me “Little girl”.

“Yeah, you.”

I made a sad face “No, sir. I’m afraid this is just how my face looks. When I look down the fat pulls on my face and makes me look upset.”

His friend the young David Beckham started to laugh.

“The doctors told me the cheekbones would come in around puberty but…but they just never did.” I bit my lip. “I’ve been saving up for the surgery to fix this face of mine but it’s an uphill road you know?’

The older man turned to his friend, David Beckham.

“That was the best “Fuck You” response I think I’ve ever heard…” He said as Mel swiped his credit card.

“I went to public school, sir. I can hack it.”

Then he asked if Mel would be joining him in his room later that night.


One Response to “Late nights at Das Hotelenstien”

  1. Simone February 9, 2011 at 7:59 am #

    youu are so witty and quick with the comebacks! i can’t do that. do you really quote yourself exactly?

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