That other thing I do

10 Nov

So when not forcing the internet to read about awful things I’ve done or about what wretched new fluid my body has expunged from itself I work on a collaborative graphic novel called THE LEGEND OF BOLD RILEY.

The caps let you know that it is super rad.

Bold Riley follows an errant princess on her long winding quest of exploration and wonder. It’s written by myself and occasionally drawn by me but after several years of trying to put this together what is making it turn out so stupid awesome is the people who have so generously put for the time and effort into drawing the individual stories that make up the series.  Vanessa Lynn, Jason Thompson, Konsantin Pogorelov, Marco Aidiada and Kelly Rose are all amazing and you can begin reading the raw black and white pages of the book Here.

But the other part about putting this together is who I got to do the cover.

Because holy shit you guys, It’s Brinson Thieme. I about peed when she said she’d do the cover for volume one.

And then I maybe sort of did pee when she sent me the finished product.



Fuck you every other book that every existed or will exist.


If Brinson’s art is not  the most boner inducing thing on the planet I don’t know what is. Maybe the prudent thing to do was sit on this until the book was actually done and printed but fuck that, I don’t have any impulse control.

There  are two finished stories on the website you can read so far. The Serpent in the Belly drawn by Jason Thompson (who reasonably should be blind at this point because of how intricately detailed his backgrounds are) and The Wicked Temple drawn by the mad Russian, Konstantin Pogorelov. Next up on the site will be Kelly Rose’s The Golden Trumpet Tree after she is done punching me in the face for asking her to send it again because I can’t open the last file she sent me.



2 Responses to “That other thing I do”

  1. Stella November 14, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to see you online again! I sadly watched the decline of posts in your livejournal, and the lack of updates on the Bold Riley website, and I am just as happy as a non-Gulf clam to see that the project is still going strong. Are there any plans to finish the Witch of the Wilds story, or put it online again? It’s not on Girlamatic anymore, and since it was the first Bold Riley story I read I kinda miss it. And comics or no, I love reading your hilarious knocker-centric writing, so please keep it up. Third favorite character in your blog (behind the gals, naturally): your mom. I was born and raised in Texas, and whenever you describe your mom (as she reads southern living, the clink of her iced tea swishing in the background) I think of my phone conversations with my grandma as she’s driving home from work in rush hour Houston traffic; the news of her garden, neighbors, and dogs, interspersed with, “You COCK sucking SONS of bitches what the FUCK do you morons think you’re DOING?!” Southern moms are the greatest, is what I’m sayin’.
    ❤ forevs,

    • ahappygoluckyscamp November 15, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

      =D I am terrible at the internet and everything!

      Thanks for keeping up with my tomfoolery! I told my mom what you said and she laughed with what I will call relief. She’s actually a yankee though. Born and raised in Baltimore. My dad is the southern one but she lives in the south now. I will have to write about how she endlessly marvels at their culture.

      Because her exasperation at times is a SCREAM.

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