Barefoot Lady of Lombard

19 Dec

The last out post of Das Hotelenstiens holdings are on Van Ness. I like working there. I watch TV and make sure no one has set up a tent camp in the lower garage but that’s about it. It is the pinnacle of making minimum wage for next to no work.


That’s not a thing out of the ordinary to hear on Night Audit down at Brohiem Jeager Chug Hostel to the south on Lombard but up here it’s a little unusual to hear a woman screaming about wanting to go home. I crept outside and peered around the corner where a woman stood barefoot against the side of my building with a protective semi circle of full garbage bags around her. She wailed into her cell phone and clawed at her hair.

“They said they gonna call the cops! Come get me! I can’t go nowhere I ain’t got no shoes on I can’t go nowhere bare foot!”

I pulled my head back and leaned on the stuccoed wall of the garage entrance. I’m always at a loss in these situations. A part of me wants to be a white knight and come to the aid of a lady in distress but a more pragmatic part of me recognizes this isn’t an episode of SVU and that broad is probably two days off the rock and would have my ass in her teeth before I can get my hoops out.

“How You gonna just LEAVE me out HERE, BOO??? No! NO! They said they callin’ the cops!”

I retreated into my lobby and wedged myself into the corner between the glass and the sofa to listen. I had my cell phone in my hand in case… well, in case of what I wasn’t sure. She was in a frenzy. Maybe I should call someone…

“I can’t go to JAIL my nigga!”

Ok, then.

I stood there as she continued to cry and waited for either the police to actually show up or a gang of thugs to come rushing up the street. I leaned into the glass and reassured myself that I wasn’t rubbernecking so much as making sure she was really ok and promising that I would call my manager for advice if this continued for another ten minutes.  Eventually a grey sedan pulled up and the barefoot woman rolled into the back in a windmill of weave and hefty bags.

I went back to my desk and finished the day.


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