Coming Clean: an addendum

15 Feb

I wanted to include this in my last post but didn’t feel comfortable doing so unless I had his express permission do do so and post his picture. Now, I have that permission so let me say this:

When I heard who was cast as Captain America for the movie, babe though he is Chris Evans is not my Captain America. In my heart there is only one Captain America, who I referred to in my previous post, and that man is Ryan “imperious” Ward.

I mean look at this bastard:




Flipping through his facebook page I couldn’t help but notice a glorious sort of lens flare was present in all of them as if his manliness caused all lightbulbs or indeed the very sun that warms our earth would emit a jubilant burst of light celebrating his existence. No photoshop. It would just happen.

Today was Valentines Day and I had the enormous pleasure of spending it with two men who are dear to me. The first of course, my gorgeous boyfriend, Mark, who made the best cheese burgers for dinner. When Mark had to go in for his graveyard shift Imperious Ward swung by for an outing at McTeagues and hilarious, Nerd oriented  conversation. This Valentines Day has been one of the best of my life and I always liked this holiday. To Mark and Ryan, Cheers, you glorious gentlemen.

And to those of you reading I hope this hallmark holiday has been as wonderful for you as well.

Scotch, Bitches and Justice,



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