Why, lord, has this happened?

17 Mar

I’ve threatened this. We both have. You all could have stopped this by simply saying “No, Erika and Leia. A podcast is an awful idea. You are barely functional people. Why would you puke actual, audible words onto us?”

But you didn’t say that. Some of you even encouraged it.

Which it why this has happened.

We have actually, successfully used our opposable thumbs to make the recordy box work. Now you will notice an odd echo on Erika’s end (which I’m comfortable blaming on her entirely.) and there is nothing at all resembling structure to this. It could most likely be described as narcissistic. It could most certainly be described as crass. I promise next time it will be better but for now this is what you get.

Touching Weiners With Erika and Leia 1

People mentioned:

EK Weaver: http://www.tjandamal.com/

Spike: http://templaraz.com/

KT Shy: http://ktshy.blogspot.com/

Breanne (whose name I fucked up. MY BAD): http://breanneboland.com/

And of course Jeff Parker of BUCKO: http://www.buckocomic.com/


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