A Continuing Disaster

24 Mar

Hey, Guess what jerks? We have another episode of Touching Weiners for you, but here’s the thing:

We solved the echo problem and then created a whole bunch of new ones.

Which is why this pod cast is in two chunks. Because I cannot figure out how to put them together. I tried? But then I found myself on the phone ordering a sandwich from the pizza place by work.

Maybe one day campers. Maybe one day I’ll understand how this is done….Or I’ll cry in front of someone inconsolably until they do all of the hard bits for me….

Come along with Erika and I as we let you know about a new awful thing that can happen to your tender lady blossom, Shitting on the floor and books that will make you return to anxiety driven thumb-sucking.

Touching Weiners part 1!

Touching Weiners part 2!


My crew, the dashing fucks at CousCous

Jeff Stone of Team Atrox

Mike Skott

Tony Sparks

Brainwash Cafe

The Hunger Games


Sex at Dawn


Tortilla Curtain


One Response to “A Continuing Disaster”

  1. Erica April 27, 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    If you still haven’t gotten those 2 files put together i happen to know someone that can! My husband is an audio genius… he could probably help out with the podcast too. He’s got all kinds of sound effects and audio magic! 🙂 If you need help email the original files over to me, and i’ll get them smooshed together for you.

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