I need you to do something for me

12 Dec

If you were going to send me a card or perhaps that young domestic helper from overseas that I’ve been wanting I’d prefer you do this instead.

Dawn Taylor is someone I got to meet here in Portland. She is super nice, super funny and does a really entertaining podcast. Her and her husband Patrick are getting reamed with medical issues right now and could really use some help.

I know a lot of you  are artists or otherwise creative types. Most of us are uninsured and skating by on luck alone that one of our organs hasn’t told us to eat a dick and failed. This could very, very, terrifyingly easily be and one of us. If you have any ability please donate to these people. 

What could be better than telling a bullshit kidney to STFU this holiday season?  With a donation you are basically doing just that, right to its stupid kidney face.


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