The internet for fun and profit

5 Apr

A commenter on my last post inquired if I have a paypal.  Well, shucks! I do now!

If you find my crass, anecdotal word-spew entertaining and you feel inclined to encourage more of it in a monetary fashion feel free to donate through paypal at .

I’m trying to turn my writing and comics into a career I can support myself on full time so that the only thing I have to worry about is entertaining you fine people where the day to day concerns of not sleeping in a tarp and having a flush toilet are less of a nagging affair. Also a few of my teeth fell out recently and I’m pretty sure the hospital where they made sure my brain wasn’t exploding are going to want  money from me at some point as well.

Just remember every dollar in that paypal is another post about animal dicks or something I shouldn’t have eaten!


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