Episode 018: Farewell to you, Spanish Ladies

20 May

Episode 018: Farewell to you, Spanish LadiesIt’s pretty much what you would expect from a show where cartoonist Lucy Bellwood guests. Y’all gonna learn some shit about boats and what it’s like to be on a boat wearing canvas pants and what it’s like to draw comics about being on a boat in canvas pants. She also tells us about the worst punishment you can suffer at sea. (hint: It’s not the plank.)

Bonus content: We regale being drunk at a Zupans, we talk a bunch of shit about our beloved PDXYAR, we discuss the homoeroticisim of Master and Commander, Bobby tells you were air quotes originated, and Ben talks about the opera and more fucking birds. Speaking of birds, you can find a photo of the famed “potoo” on our Twitter feed.

Episode 018: Farewell to you, Spanish Ladies


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5 Responses to “Episode 018: Farewell to you, Spanish Ladies”

  1. Jane Smith May 21, 2013 at 6:05 am #

    Thought this would be fun & interesting. My first time listening to this bunch. Had the impression I was just eavesdropping on a bunch of people sitting around in someone’s kitchen over beers. It’ll never fly as a “professional” production, everyone talking at once… and the language was really disappointing. Supposedly creative people should have more adjectives in their vocabulary than just the ones that start with f and s. There’s some wit buried in here… but I’m giving up at the halfway point.

  2. Animus June 3, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    The finger raising hand gesture evolved at the same time our primate ancestors began walking upon their hind legs thus asserting their intellectual superiority over their lame unsophisticated relations. And so began an inevitable path tward self destruction


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    […] much news this week! I had the delightful pleasure of being a guest on the Happy Go Lucky Podcast last weekend. The show is hosted by three of my favorite Portland people: Leia Weathington, Ben […]

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