Episode 019: The Tumblration of Kory Bing

12 Jun

Episode 019: The Tumblration of Kory BingAfter slogging through a terrible opening from some guy you don’t care about our guest BEST NEW TALENT Kory Bing is gonna learn you some shit about the world of online fandom. She stuns us with Team Fortress insights! The Furry fandom! RPS fanfiction! VOCABULARY.

Things take a turn fro the eerie though when it’s revealed that Kory and I had a similar trajectory in comics and nerdom.
and it all started with one Sonic The Hedgehog fic…


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One Response to “Episode 019: The Tumblration of Kory Bing”

  1. foible June 18, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

    Thanks for going “deep nerd” this week. Your revelations revealed my ignorance of team fortress and furry culture, I now have more new stuff to explore.

    Don’t be afraid to lose the listeners now and again, we have the internet, we can pause the show and catch up before you finish your thoughts.

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