Episode 20: The Ride of Sparkle Donkey

19 Jun

Episode 20: The Ride of Sparkle DonkeyDespite the fact that we weren’t drinking on this episode, that’s all we talked about. Learn with Bobby Roberts about the hot new tequila, SPARKLE DONKEY. Also, we discuss rum, shitty beer that tastes great, Yellow Tail wine, and some nightmare called “buckfast”.

Adam Rosko drops in to talk about Superman for a minute and snidely rejects our rich happy go lucky tradition of Bird Talk.
And for your viewing pleasure, the lovely Sparkle Donkey:
Episode 20: The Ride of Sparkle Donkey


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One Response to “Episode 20: The Ride of Sparkle Donkey”

  1. Jacob Harman June 27, 2013 at 1:11 am #

    Alright, I’m a little drunk at the moment. First off, I love your show. Like, it kicks ass. I’m sending you some podcast love from the east coast. Connecticut woohoo!

    Also, I need to find me some sparkle donkey. It sounds too magical to be real. Like, when Indiana Jones found the holy grail, it was probably filled with Sparkle Donkey. Fuck yea.

    Keep on kicking ass!

    – Jake from Connecticut

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