Episode 23: Opinions are like Assholes…

22 Jul

Episode 23: Opinions are like Assholes...Bobby Roberts (cohost of Welcome to That Whole Thing)  joins us this week to launch a new, improved, more organized show in which we talk about about a topic near and dear to all of us in our little podcast cabal, ARGUING. With the Internet so readily available it’s crazy easy for anyone to put their baby lamb of an opinion into the savage den of starving wolves that is a comments section. Every tweet and Facebook status is a hill to die on and every party is an opportunity to tell some motherfucker to slow his or her roll.

We get into it with each other on how to deal with trolls, why “that’s just my opinion” doesn’t cut it and how to have a better argument.

BONUS: Bobby lets us know about one of the worst things that can happen to a penis!

Episode 023


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