Episode 37: The Sausage Fest

18 Nov

Episode 37: Sausage FestHere we go. In this episode, Leia Weathington, creator of Bold Riley and host of A Happy Go Lucky Podcast, hands the luxurious reigns of her precious darling of a show to her deliciously competent, unfathomably clever, and dashingly handsome co-hosts Ben Coleman and Jesse David Morgan while she visits her family in New Orleans.

Like two lost children, they grasp desperately to the closest host-figure they can find and through some harrowing back-alley deals coax Nathan Ayling, host of The Accidental Housewives and our personal Dungeon Master, to keep warm the chair of our missing comrade. With the aid of some classic radio sound effect work from producer Bobby Roberts, we fumble through this sausage fest and squash the myth that the same group of people can’t possess personal experience on both sex and role playing games in what may be the greatest episode in happy go lucky history.* So sit back, relax, and remember: a lady never asks and a rogue always tells.

Have a great trip, Miss Weathington, and we shall see you next week.

*some hyperbole may apply.

Episode 037


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