1 Oct

For artists it’s Inktober, a time to flex their skills at the drawing board with brush, quill and pen.

I wanted to try something a little similar with prose.

So for the month of October, every weekday I’ll be posting short pieces of writing at my blog ahappygoluckyscamp.com featuring world building and character studies from projects I’m working on. This is an experiment to combine freeform writing with actual planning for scripts and to sharpen my prose. Every day my collaborator Brittney Sabo will give me a word and I will write at least one paragraph concerning that word.

The schedule is as follows:
MONDAY: The Deep Engines

TUESDAY: The Legend of Bold Riley

WEDNESDAY: The Deep Engines

THURSDAY: Ridden (a collaboration with B. Sabo)

FRIDAY: All Night (B. Sabo’s excellent comic which I’m allowed to play with a little bit for the month)

Welcome to Drabbletober, hope you enjoy the word vomit.


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