10/7 Bold Riley: Beyond

7 Oct

Esteemed Father,


I send this to you by way of the courier service on the outskirts of Conchenn. I’m moving further into the northwest and don’t know when next I will see another post house. I just want you to know I am safe. I am sorry for leaving as I did, even though you gave me your blessing to set out. My worry was that if I saw your faces I would not have had the spine to leave. Know that I miss you and that you, mother, Satanii and Raka are always in my thoughts.

Conchenn has proven to be a magnificent country as I’ve heard. There was some small unpleasantness in the capital, not especially worth mentioning but if I may- it would be wise to send an emissary to Ucotlii soon. The Jaguar Throne will be selecting a new monarch soon I suspect. It would be prudent to have our diplomats in place during the process. I doubt the Conchennese will sour on our existing trade agreements but still, it would be good to have our people present just in case.

I plan to continue into Ang Warr over the next few days (do not worry, I will be careful) and see their ruined cities. Then perhaps I will see what Quifen has to offer. Mothers maps are very detailed in this region and I remember her stories. I’m looking forward to it greatly. Perhaps next I will charter a ship across the strait to Kabumzala? I recall getting on quite well with that one dignitary who came to us. What was he name? Venala? Valrenna? In any case she spoke of that city with such zeal I must see it for myself. After that, who knows. The Coin is very wide and there is much to see.

My love to the family. Tell mother I will fill in the blank spaces on her maps and that I’m sorry if my notes are crude. I will return them to her when I have had my fill of traveling in any case. Kiss Raka for me and pinch Satanii. As always I will keep to the good path and protect our family name.

And father, thank you again for honoring me with this freedom.

Patron watch over you always,



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