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Mea Culpa

14 Nov

I joked after the completion of the first book in The Legend of Bold Riley series that it was full of mistakes I wouldn’t make again, that moving forward with book two I could look forward to making fresh, exciting, new mistakes.

And holy shit, did I make a mistake.

Liz Conley is a friend and colleague I’ve known for years now. When the artist for the Wicked Temple chapter was unable to complete the color work for his chapter, Liz stepped in and completed the remaining ten pages under a tight deadline. Keep in mind this chapter was colored using traditional media, watercolor. An accomplished painter, Liz blended her own colors to match what was already complete. The transition is seamless. Looking back now I almost have a hard time picking out where the change took place. Her work on book one was what made me hire her as a colorist for the chapter Warp and Weft. Illustrated by Zack Giallongo I wanted to give Liz a book where she had the freedom to work in her own style.

This lady has held it down for me through two volumes. She’s fast, professional, and talented.

So why, out of all of the giant cocksucking blunders I could commit, did I not to make sure that my publisher at Northwest Press had the full contributor list?? So that a thousand issues of Warp and Weft went to stores without the colorist credited. Oh, and then not notice until the colorist emailed me to ask what happened.

I was mortified when Liz emailed me to let me know her name appeared nowhere in the book. In the vault inside my soul where I like to keep my most shameful memories this one is sure to take a place of honor. In this industry your body of work functions as your resume. The collection of things you made or contributed to brings more work and recognition. So if your writer/art director drops the goddamned ball and your name is missing from a book you worked on? Well, you can see the issue.

Obviously I didn’t do this on purpose. Obviously I don’t really care that it wasn’t intentional. This is a fuck up that showed profound disrespect to Liz Conleys effort and craft.

The PDF’s have been corrected. The correct credit can be added to the trade when it’s released. In the meantime though I urge everyone who claps eyes on this post to go check out Liz’s webpages. My personal favorite project of hers is the watercolor illustrations of food, found at Filling Content. Her professional page is here. Please go check it out. I think you’ll like what you find.