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Episode 070 – Allegory of the Spaceship

27 Dec

Bobby and I fold ourselves in half to delve deep into the process of our respective ART. Enjoy my breathless enthusiasam for talking birds and Bobby detailing excatly how rockets work.

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Episode 027: Bibliophilia and Fuzzy Macaroni

19 Aug

Episode 027: Bibliophilia and Fuzzy MacaroniAfter much cajoling, begging, and promising not to shame him in public I finally did it. I convinced my father to come on the show. Original nerd, Chris Weathington joins us to recount his tragic beginning as a book collector and scientist.
We discuss science fiction and compulsive book collecting with Bobby Roberts for a hot minute before a casual Ben Coleman tags in to talk about pulps.

Also learn why you never point your BB gun at a mockingbird in the Deep South.

Episode 027: Bibliophilia and Fuzzy Macaroni


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Episode 11: Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

25 Mar

Episode 11: Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

This week we are blessed with the visionary team of Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet to talk about what is best in life. ROBOTS! TECHNOLOGY! THE FUTURE.

It turns out if you put the five of us in a room you will get a tasting flight of sci fi novel synopsis, a discussion of tropes and where we think the future is headed.

Oh and by the way? The seeing with a tooth thing? Totes real.


Episode 11



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