The Legend of Bold Riley

When I’m not telling you about what type of poop I’ve had for the day I work on this baby.


The Legend of Bold Riley is a fantasy adventure comic that is like if Gilgamesh, folklore, the Conan the Barbarian movies  and the Disney princesses had a three day orgy with each other and then went back to it’s small town and came out to it’s parents.

Which is to say it’s crazy fun and also illustrated by a revolving door of astonishing talent. Don’t beilive me because I wrote it and am probably biased about the whole thing? Look at what Curve Magazine had to say about our first volume:


You can buy this book at any of your fine comic retailers or order through our publisher Northwest PressKeep in mind we do have a Diamond code so your favorite comic book store can order it for you if you find that due to immense popularity they have sold out.

Other places you can find updates on Bold Riley is on the Facebook fan page.  This is a good thing to click the like button on since I tend to post goodies on it that don’t show up anywhere else. That includes art, reviews, and information on the status of The Legend of Bold Riley Book 2.


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